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"Jade had married an older man and become the step mom to his young daughter Lara. The two seemed to get on as far as the old man knew, but he would of never guessed his wife was harboring a secret passion for his daughter. She would walk into the younger girl's bedroom half-dressed, or wearing only a flimsy nightgown and sit on her bed, stroke her hair and talk to her of things that were FAR above her sexual development. She would tell Lara that they were going to "play a little game" and then blindfold her, slowly caress her and gradually take the girl's clothes off. She would then get her aroused and proceed to touch her in places that a mother would NEVER do..."
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"Gloria was friends with Jackie, a girl she had met and been friends with since the third grade. She had spent many times at her friend's house over the years as both girls matured and started college. She always felt comfortable there, but sometimes got the odd feeling that Jackie's mom Cindy was...checking her out! Was it her imagination? Surely an older married woman wasn't interested in young girls? She had thought so - till the one time she came over to ask to borrow Jackie's car while she was away on vacation and ended up eating Cindy's pussy right on the kitchen floor! It had happened so fast, she couldn't even really explain it - the older woman had seduced her and before she knew it she was face deep in her wet hairy pussy! And it aroused her like NOTHING ever had BEFORE!"
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